The Ultimate API for Google Sheets

Before Sheetson: Developers need to learn how to authenticate and use Google Sheets API, then deal with unfamiliar yet complicated data to get your desired value.

After Sheetson: Development works so fast from prototype to production that it would save many hours.

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With essential perks

These are all excellent features that will provide exactly the things you're looking for

Unlimited Rows

Create as many rows and spreadsheets as you want.

Fast & Reliable

Deploy APIs in seconds without server setup and maintenance. We handle everything.

Unmetered Requests

Make as many API requests as you want.

Simple Pricing

Pay a flat price every month. No hidden fees, no surprises.

Private & Secure

Never expose your data to the world. Public sharing is not required.

Familiar CMS

The easiest CMS that every grandmas can use. No need for training, just start using it.

Easy-to-use RESTful API

Sheets to Readable Data Instantly

We turn column-based data into object-based format instantly, so that it makes it easier for you to work with data.

A familiar tool

Use a CMS that's popular

Populate content with Sheetson API will make your and your client's life easier. Using Google Sheets as a CMS editor is very easy when making changes to the content.

For the right purposes

Explore some use cases that can be used with Sheetson API


Launch fast, iterate smoothly, build confidently with Sheetson's data magic.

Feature Flags

Need a simple solution for controlling your features? Use it inside Google Sheets.

Restaurants Menu

Create your menu in Google Sheets and update it whenever needed. Easy peasy!

Non-UGC Projects

Sheetson works best for projects that don't require users to generate content.

Job Boards

Not just job boards, but any kind of listing sites can work good with Sheetson.

Online Stores

Small shops without the need of inventory management are perfectly suited.


Showcase your work, skills, and experience with a simple Google Sheets setup.


There are endless possibilities to use Sheetson API. Let your imagination fly!


The right plan for you, whoever you are

Save 18% with yearly subscription



For basic projects without the need to search through content.

  • Unlimited spreadsheets
  • Unlimited rows per sheet
  • Unmetered requests*
  • Basic support
  • Basic queries



For complex projects that require powerful data filtering.

  • Unlimited spreadsheets
  • Unlimited rows per sheet
  • Unmetered requests*
  • Priority support
  • Advanced queries
  • High performance
  • Better rate limiting*

Frequently asked questions

Your questions, answered.

What does Unmetered Requests mean?

We do not limit number of requests you can make by your apps/websites, but Google Sheet API quotas still apply. For Free plan, the server is shared with all users as long as its resources.

What does Better Rate Limiting mean?

Google Sheets API has limit of 60 requests per user. By default, we ask you to share your spreadsheet to This will combine all Google Sheets API quota into the same user. With Professional plan, you can have your own per-user quota which will not affect by other Free users.

How do I apply for Better Rate Limiting?

Please send your inquiries to

Does Sheetson store my data?

Sheetson acts as a proxy between Google Sheets API and your apps, hence we don't store any of your data on our servers. In some case, we cached your data on Cloudflare CDNs, but the data will be expired in 1 hour.

What are Basic and Advanced queries?

Basic queries allow you to paginate your API requests, while Advanced queries allow you to filter out your data with multiple operations. Please see for more information.

Do you offer trial for Pro plan?

There is no trial for our paid plan. However, you can try the product with Free forever plan which would serve most of your needs. Subscribing to our paid plan would help us keep our business for longer.

What payment methods do you support?

We accept payments via PayPal, all major Credit Cards, ApplePay and Wire Transfers (ACH/SEPA/BACS).

What about VAT / taxes?

All prices exclude tax, mainly because there is different tax applied in different countries. For credit card payments, local taxes will be added upon subscription, according to the details you'll provide. Please note that for purchase orders and wire transfers, all fees are exclusive of any applicable taxes, duties and similar governmental charges, and the customer is responsible for payment of all such amounts, including sales tax, value added tax (VAT), withholding taxes, export, import and other duties imposed by any governmental agency in connection with this Agreement.

Will my subscription plan renew automatically?

Any subscription plan renews automatically. If you don’t want to be billed, cancel your subscription until the expiration date; otherwise, the system will bill your card automatically.

Can I get a discount?

You can pay yearly to receive 18% discount.